Ultrasound General Health Screening - Lower Abdomen/Pelvis [SONOVISION]

Ultrasound General Health Screening - Lower Abdomen/Pelvis
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The general health screening in the lower abdomen/pelvis includes organs like bladder and prostate for male customer and bladder, uterus and ovaries for female customer.

Take Note:
*LOWER ABDOMEN/PELVIS required a full bladder

  1. Valid Mon – Fri: 9am – 2pm, Sat – Sun: 9am – 8pm. Valid on public holidays.
  2. For male and female customers aged 16 and above only.
  3. All scans will be performed by a professional certified sonographer.
  4. All health screenings come with radiologist doctor’s report.
  5. All tests must be completed during the same visit.
  6. Not suitable for pregnant women.
  7. Not valid with other offers / promotions / discounts.
  8. Required fasting of at least 8 hours before screening.
  9. Plain water is allowed before examination.
  10. Result of ultrasound will be sent through email after verification by radiologist at least 3 working days after scan.
  11. You will be informed of the results verbally on the day of the tests itself along with a CD.