OraQuick Hiv Self Test
Detection Time 20 minutes
Delivery Fees West Malaysia - RM5
East Malaysia - RM10
Min Spend of RM80 - Free Delivery

OraQuick® HIV Self-Test

OraQuick® HIV Self-Test is a test used to test for HIV in your own home. This test uses oral fluid to check for HIV-1 and HIV-2 antibodies and returns results in about 20 minutes. The test can work accurately if you follow the steps provided carefully, as the test can detect the virus in over 99% of people who are infected with HIV. This is a screening test therefore it is always advised to have a second test to confirm your results.


  1. Detection of antibodies to HIV1/2 in oral fluid
  2. Result in 20 minutes
  3. Simple and safe to use


  1. Do not eat or drink for at least 15 minutes before you start the test.
  2. Do not use mouth cleaning products 30 minutes before you start the test.

Disclaimer: We strongly advice customers to do a re-test after 3 months for higher accuracy.
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How To Use



Gently swab the pad along upper gums and lower gums using the flat pad .


Put the test directly into the test tube.


Read your result between 20 and 40 minutes from the start time.

Interpretation Of Results

Result InterpretationResult Interpretation

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Yes OraQuick® HIV Self-Test is an antibody test and it detects the cells that the body's immune (defense) system creates in response to HIV infection. When the HIV virus enters the body, the body starts to produce antibodies. In the case of HIV, the antibodies can't fight off the infection. But, the presence of the antibodies can be used to tell whether a person has HIV in their body. Most of the HIV tests available detect the presence of HIV antibodies and not the virus itself.

Many credible medical institutes including CDC and multiple supporting studies confirm that HIV does not spread through saliva. The OraQuick® test detects antibodies produced in response to HIV infection, not the virus itself.

The oral fluid HIV tests are very accurate. Studies have shown that the OraQuick® HIV Self-Test detected 100 percent of people who were infected with HIV and 99.1 percent of people who were not infected with HIV.

The ingredients in the test fluid are not toxic and pose no known health risk in the amount provided in the vial. If you or someone you know has swallowed some of the liquid and you are concerned, please contact your doctor. If you were unable to complete the test, please obtain a new test kit. If you get fluid from the test tube in your eye, flush your eye with water immediately.

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