STD Screening

Professional laboratory testing for STD at your preferred location

ABO&Me STD Screening Platinum
ABO&Me STD Screening Standard
ABO&Me STD Screening Premium

ABO&Me STD Screening is a screening test for STD by using blood and urine (depending on package) samples collected at your desired place.
HIV, Hepatitis B and Syphilis screening are available for all packages. For more STD screening, please refer to the package as shown at the section below.

STD Screen Content
  1. Test will be conducted on-site (at-home), at your preferred place and time.
  2. Patient need to be fasting minimum 8 hours, all food should not be consumed from midnight the day before appointment.
  3. The travelling fees will not be refunded if there is any changes or cancellations made within three days prior to the booking date.
  1. Purchase the product from Myscreening with booking details such as date, time, address together with personal information of each person taking the test.
  2. We will contact you to confirm the order and the appointment time.
  3. On the day and time of the appointment, our medical staff will go to your place and collect the blood samples. Please remember to fast at least 8 hours before doing the test.

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