Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) refers to conditions that are passed on through sexual contact. One can be infected with STD through unprotected vaginal, anal, or oral sexual intercourse with another individual who has STD. However, some STDs may also be transmitted through breastfeeding, needles, towels, wet clothes, or toilet seats.

Depending on the type of STD, some can be incurable and deadly to those who are infected. Some commonly known STDs include HIV, gonorrhoea, syphilis, genital herpes, and more. Most people are often unaware when they are infected with STDs until damages have been done to their reproductive organs, vision, heart, and other organs.

Some common symptoms of STDs include pain or discomfort when urinating, bleeding or unusual discharge from the vagina or penis, as well as having sores, bumps, or rashes around the vagina, penis, testicles, buttocks, thighs, or mouth. STDs can be tested through urine or blood tests, as well as home test kits (for specific STDs).

HIV in Malaysia / AIDS in Malaysia As of 2019, it is estimated that there are around 87,000 people who are living with HIV in Malaysia. Overall, most cases of HIV in Malaysia are concentrated in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Johor, which contributed more than 50% of new HIV cases in 2019.

As of December 2013, over 16,000 people have also died from AIDS in Malaysia.