Face Mask

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Face masks are wearable devices that act as a barrier between the mouth and nose of its user from potential harmful contaminants in the environment. Face masks come in many different materials, thickness, and protection abilities, including fabric masks, surgical masks, N95 respirators, sponge masks, and more, each with their own varying purpose and protection levels.

Surgical masks (i.e. medical disposable masks) are loose-fitting face masks can help to block large-particle sprays, droplets, splatter, or splashes that may contain harmful viruses and bacteria. In the same way, it can also help to prevent the user’s saliva and respiratory secretions from coming into contact with others.

Fabric masks are usually masks that are made out of cotton, polyester, nylon, or other fabric materials. They are a type of non-medical face masks that usually offer little to no protection from viruses unless physical distancing is available. Similar to surgical masks, fabric masks do not provide a seal around the face.

N95 respirators are protective devices that offer highly efficient filtration for airborne particles. They come with a very tight fit and seal around the nose and mouth, which makes them the better choice for individuals who wish to receive maximum protection from harmful viruses and bacteria. N95 respirators are commonly used by healthcare professionals.